Trawl Warp Effects on Fishing Gear Performance
Updated 10/25/02

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Findings and Recommendations of the Workshop


The trawl warp offset has had an effect on the survey trawl performance; however, at this time the workshop cannot determine the magnitude or scale of that effect.

The existing survey gear has a number of design and operational problems. There is an immediate need to calibrate survey trawls for the identified problems and to update protocols.

Further, to meet the needs of management (more precise estimates of fishing mortality and stock size) and to improve understanding of ecosystem functioning, more precise sampling systems (including research vessel and industry based surveys) are required to be deployed over a wider range of habitats. There is an immediate need for NOAA Fisheries, in conjunction with stakeholder groups, to develop and implement these new systems. This is a high priority and should be implemented as soon as possible.

The new survey design should be calibrated with the current design to ensure compatibility/comparability with that time series.

Fishers and other stakeholders should be integrally involved in the planning and implementation of future research surveys.

A working group that reflects the diversity of the fishing industry and other stakeholders should be established immediately to assist in the implementation of these recommendations.

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