First Day (Whitman Auditorium)
8:00 AM Display of Yankee 36 trawl net, MBL Courtyard next to Auditorium
9:00 Welcome, background, and ground rules for consensus building

Dr. Wendy Gabriel, Chief, Fisheries and Ecosystem Monitoring and Analysis Division, NEFSC, Woods Hole

9:15 Introduction of Participants and brief descriptions of expertise


9:30 Description of Workshop Terms of Reference, intended products, schedule, questions regarding workshop scope

Dr. Fredric Serchuk

10:00 Background Discussion Presentation - Worldwide Experiences in Trawl Warp Offsets

Dr. Joe DeAlteris (URI)

Coffee on the fly
11-12:00 Discussion of general conclusions of previous work
12-l:00 PM Lunch
1:-1:30 Description of Protocols used in Albatross IV Trawl Warp Experiments Dr. Russell Brown, NEFSC
1:30-1:45 Description of sensor data from Albatross IV Experiments and keys to reading handouts

Ms. Lisa Hendrickson, NEFSC

1:45-2:30 Video evaluation of warp offset experiments

Discussion led by Mr. Henry Milliken, NEFSC

2:30-5:00 Group discussion on significance of results and preliminary evaluation Dr. Fredric Serchuk, NEFSC
Second Day (Candle House)
8:30-8:45 AM Comments and Observations

Dr. John Boreman, Acting Science and Research Director, NEFSC

8:45-12:00 Continuation of previous day's discussion; and drafting of consensus statements on observations
Coffee on the fly
12:00-1:00 PM Continuation of discussion from previous day and drafting of consensus statements on observations
1:00-5:00 PM Complete work on consensus regarding results and development of report; develop specifications for additional experimentation and analysis, as deemed necessary by the group
Rapporteurs Dr. Anne Richards

Dr. James Weinberg

Dr. Steve Murawski
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