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Status of Fishery Resources off the Northeastern US
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The following personnel of the Population Dynamics Branch, Resource Evaluation and Assessment Division, Northeast Fisheries Science Center, listed alphabetically, prepared the documents on this website:

John Brodziak
Steve Cadrin
Antonie Chute
Laurel Col
Ruth Haas-Castro
Dvora Hart
Lisa Hendrickson
Josef Idoine

Larry Jacobson
Chad Keith
John Kocik
Chris Legault
Ralph Mayo
Paul Nitschke
Loretta O'Brien
William Overholtz
Paul Rago
Anne Richards
Gary Shepherd
Tim Sheehan
Katherine Sosebee
Mark Terceiro
Michele Traver
Susan Wigley

Betty Holmes was responsible for the layout and posting of the text and figures in each section. Laurel Col and Chad Keith prepared the stock area and species distribution maps, Michele Traver and Laurel Col prepared most of the graphs, and Mike Palmer created and archived the data files that support each of the graphs. Edgar Kleindinst (Data Management Systems) and Josh Moser designed and coded the overall website layout. Final editing of the individual sections was done by Fred Serchuk, Ralph Mayo, and Betty Holmes.


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