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Atlantic Mackerel Working Group Members

SAW Working Group Chair: Gary Shepherd

Lead Assessment Scientist: Kiersten Curti

Members: Jason Didden, Thomas Doniol-Valcroze, Martin Castonguay, Elisabeth Van Beveren, Charles Adams, Dave Richardson, John Manderson, J. -J. Maguire

Mackerel Working Group Meeting Schedule

Data Meeting

Dates and Times: Monday, May 8 (9:00-5:00)/Tuesday, May 9 (8:30-5:00)/Wednesday, May 10 (8:30-4:30)/Thursday, May 11 (8:30-2:00)

Locations: NEFSC - Clark Conference Room (Monday)/ NEFSC Tech Park Conference Room (Tuesday-Thursday). Lab locations and directions can be found in the agenda below.


Model Conference

Dates: Tuesday, August 15 - Friday, August 18

Times: Tuesday, August 15 (9:00-5:00) / Wednesday, August 16 (8:30-5:00) / Thursday, August 17 (8:30-4:30) / Friday, August 18 (8:30-4:30)

Location: Clark Conference Room, NEFSC, Woods Hole, MA

Conference Connection Details



Conference Call Lines:

866/836-6169 (toll free)
203/566-4221 (toll; for international callers)
Participant code:  5443237


If you plan to attend the conference in Woods Hole, please check in with the front desk for visitor sign-in, a parking permit and the door code to enter the Aquarium Building. You will need to provide a photo ID.  Parking is available in the NEFSC lot, but is very limited in summer, and carpooling is recommended. If you park on the street, you MUST deposit money in the meter or you will be ticketed and possibly towed (to the occasional delight of aquarium guests). Also, please allow a few extra minutes for driving time, given that August is peak season and the roads are thick with both vehicles and tourists.


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