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Stock Assessment Review Index (SARI)

 Select specifics (if any) for which you would like to search. Please note that the more options you enter, the fewer results you will find. Results will only appear if they meet ALL of the criteria which you specify.
Species Name: Select the name of one specific species for your search.
Select one specific stock area for your search or one specific stock area for the specific species name that you chose above. If you have chosen a specific species name that does not have any specific stock areas, then you will not see this option.
Start Year: Select a specific starting year (inclusive) for your search. The earliest available year is 1985. If you pick a start year but no end year, the results will include the start year and any year since that year.
End Year: Select a specific ending year (inclusive) for your search. If you pick an end year but no start year, the results will include any year up to and including the end year.
Review Process: Select a specific review process. You may select 'SARC' or 'TRAC' individually or 'Other' to see all other types excluding SARC and TRAC.
Status Type: Select a specific status type for your search.
Group Results By: Choose how you would like the results to be sorted. If you choose Descending Year then the results will be sorted by descending year (i.e., most recent year first) and then alphabetically by species name. If you choose Species Name (Alphabetic) then the results will be sorted alphetically by species name first and then by descending year (i.e., most recent year first).
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