Atlantic Herring Operational Assessment Meeting

April 8-9, 2015

S.H. Clark Conference Room, Northeast Fisheries Science Center, Woods Hole, MA

Meeting Details

Meeting Agenda (posted 4/3/15)
Terms of Reference (posted 4/3/15)

Herring Stock Assessment Background
Working Papers: Operational Assessment and Plan B Alternative

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Directions to the Center:  If you are attending the meeting in Woods Hole, please check in with the front desk for a Visitor Pass and Parking Permit. Parking will be available in the NEFSC lot.

The most recent Atlantic herring benchmark stock assessment was in 2012 (SAW/SARC54), at which time the review panel accepted a new stock assessment model. Based on the 2012 assessment, SAW/SARC54 concluded that the herring stock was not overfished and overfishing was not occurring at that time. (NEFSC Ref. Docs 12-14 and 12-18) The herring stock is now scheduled for an Operational Assessment review on April 8-9, 2015. The Operational Assessment Process was developed by the Northeast Region Coordinating Council (NRCC) to carry out and peer review stock assessments in an efficient manner. Analysts are expected to apply the previously accepted peer reviewed approach, with few changes allowed. The Assessment Oversight Panel (AOP) met with the lead assessment analyst for herring on 12/22/2014 and 2/17/2015 to plan and discuss the upcoming assessment. At its meetings the AOP identified technical concerns associated with applying the previous model at this time, and indicated that the review panel in April would likely recommend adopting alternative near-term approaches for dealing with the assessment. At the peer review meeting during April 8-9, the Operational Assessment Review will decide whether to retain the previous modeling approach (with new years of data incorporated), or to adopt alternative approaches which can serve as a scientific basis for developing management advice in the near-term.

List of reviewers from NEFMC Science and Statistical Committee:

  • Alexei Sharov (Chair)
  • Jason McNamee
  • Chris Legault
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