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Picture of Maine Field Station « Atlantic Salmon Ecosystems Research Team

Maine Field Station

17 Godfrey Drive-Suite 1
Orono, Maine 04473
Telephone: 207-866-7322

ASERT Staff at Orono Field Station
Staff Job Title Responsibilites
Bailey, Sarah Outreach Specialist Coordination and Implementation of Recovery Plan Outreach and Education
Goulette, Graham Research Fisheries Technician Smolt Movement and Behavior, Telemetry, and Water Quality Assessments
Grange, Marija Office Automation Assistant General Office duties, Budget and Finance, Computer Technician, Website development
Hawkes, James Research Fishery Biologist Smolt Population, Telemetry and Water Quality Assessments
Kocik, John ME Task Chief Atlantic salmon population dynamics and stage-based assessment, Task Administration and Leadership
Lipsky, Christine Research Fishery Biologist Smolt Population Assessments, Marking, and Hydroacoustics
Stevens, Justin Fishery Biologist Smolt Population Assessments, Movement and Behavior
GARFO Employees Job Title Responsibilities
Bean, Dave Fishery Biologist Aquaculture Liason
Dow III, P.E., Donald Hydro/Fish Passage Engineer Hydroelectric Projects and Fish Passage Engineering in support of the Endangered Species Act Consultations and FERC Licensing Process
Kircheis, Dan Fishery Biologist Habitat; Water Quality
Murphy, Jeff Fishery Biologist Endangered Species Act Consultations
Saunders, Rory Fishery Biologist Ecological Relations
Tierney, Dan Fishery Biologist Endangered Species Act Consultations
Tritt, Max Fishery Biologist Endangered Species Act Consultations
Habitat Restoration Center Job Title Reponsibilities
Bernier, P.E., Matthew Civil Engineer/Fisheries Habitat Restoration Specialist Project manager and technical monitor for fish passage and habitat restoration projects involving the NOAA Restoration Center
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