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Samantha Werner

Job Title: Economist (Contractor)
Email: samantha.werner@noaa.gov
Phone: 508-495-4733

NOAA Publications


Samantha received an M.S. degree in Environmental Economics from the University of New Hampshire in 2017 after earning a B.S. in Environmental Science from the University of New Hampshire in 2014. As an undergraduate at UNH, Samantha worked in various laboratories and then served as a teaching assistant for Environmental and Resource Economics during her graduate career. Her master's thesis focused on assessing the economic viability of locally produced foods in northern New England. Samantha joined the Social Sciences Branch of the Northeast Fisheries Science Center as an Economist contractor in the fall of 2017.


As a contractor in the SSB, Samantha has been conducting economic analyses to contribute to the five-year Groundfish Catch Share Program Review. This includes generating a profitability profile for the groundfish fleet at the entity level. Additional components of this research include assessing econometric models for trip cost estimation, evaluating fleet composition trends over the course of the program's implementation, and interpreting results to understand the economic impacts of the Groundfish Catch Share Program. Samantha will also be involved in restructuring and deploying the northeast commercial fishing vessel annual fixed cost survey. This includes collecting and analyzing primary data to better understand the annual costs that face regional vessel owners.