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Greg Ardini

Job Title: Economist
Email: gregory.ardini@noaa.gov
Phone: 508-495-4710

NOAA Publications


Greg received a Master's in Marine Policy from the University of Delaware in 2013, with his thesis focusing on economic tradeoffs between the Atlantic longfin squid and butterfish fisheries. Following graduation, he worked at the Gulf of Maine Research Institute as an economics assistant where he conducted market research on the Maine sea urchin fishery. He then joined NEFSC as a contractor in November 2014.


Greg is currently providing economic analyses for a 5-year review of the IFQ program in the Atlantic Sea Scallop fishery. As part of the review, he is developing a scallop price model to examine how the implementation of IFQs has affected ex-vessel prices. Greg has also been a member of the Groundfish and Monkfish Plan Development Team since joining NEFSC where he assists in evaluating the economic impacts of proposed fishery regulations.