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Chad Demarest

Job Title: Economist
Email: chad.demarest@noaa.gov
Phone: 508-495-4705

NOAA Publications

Peer-reviewed Publications


Chad began his career in the U. S. Coast Guard as a boarding officer and, humorously for some, spent three years as an intelligence officer. He briefly worked as an observer in the scallop fishery. He has served at various points as an economist for NOAA Fisheries GARFO, the Massachusetts Marine Fisheries Institute, and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Division of Marine Fisheries. He spent five years on staff with the New England Fishery Management Council, and has been with the Social Sciences Branch since 2009. He holds a bachelors degree from the U. S. Coast Guard Academy and a masters degree from Brown University.


Chad's interests are focused primarily on the commercial fisheries, and include: implications of incentives on the scientific data underpinning fishery management; the structure and function of markets for catch rights; relationships between quota allocations, stock rebuilding and industry costs; and short-term fishery performance predictions. He serves on the groundfish PDT and the summer flounder FMAT.