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Anna Henry

Job Title: Economist (Contractor)
Email: anna.henry@noaa.gov
Phone: 206-526-4109

NOAA Publications


Anna holds a M.S. in Marine Biology and a M.S. in Marine Policy from the University of Maine. Her graduate research involved assessing vulnerability of fishing communities and developing a longline groundfish survey in the Gulf of Maine. Prior to graduate school she worked analyzing environmental policy in Washington State for the Senate Environment and Natural Resources Committees and the Governor's Office of Regulatory Assistance. She has performed numerous field research positions including as a monitor in the Pacific whiting fishery, conducting interviews and fishing with members of an artisanal fishing cooperative in Panama, as well as managing the International Pacific Halibut Commission's stock assessment survey from California to Alaska.


Anna has been involved with several projects analyzing the socio-economic impacts associated with management measures in the New England groundfish fishery and habitat closure areas. Her current research focuses on assessing cost efficiency of catch accounting and monitoring strategies in the New England groundfish fishery.