2012 Annual Cost Survey

The Northeast Fisheries Science Center's Social Science Branch (SSB) has recently finished conducting a survey of the commercial fishing vessel owners in the New England and the Mid-Atlantic states about their annual fishing costs for 2012. The survey effort began on May 3rd, 2013 and concluded on September 30, 2013. Surveys were sent to 1875 vessel owners, however only 1787 vessel owners could be reached via mail or phone. Responses were received from 375 recipients with a response rate of 21%. Thanks to everyone who has responded to the survey. Please check back this site for updates on 2012 survey results.

A copy of the 2012 survey can accessed via the link below.

>>> Click for PDF copy of the 2012 Northeast Fishing Vessel Annual Cost Survey in English

>>> Click here to see a preliminary analysis of the 2011 and 2012 Annual Cost Surveys.

Dr. Tammy Murphy, a SSB Economist, recently presented a preliminary analysis of this new cost data in Maine Fishermen's Forum. She also described how NEFSC/SSB's recent cost survey efforts contribute to assessing trends in the economic performance of the NE's commercial fleet, across vessel gear type, vessel size, and fisheries, by collecting data necessary to analyze profit. The presentation can be accessed from here.


2011 Annual Cost Survey

The year 1 of the annual cost data collection effort took place from August, 2012 to early January, 2013. In this effort, fishing vessels owners in the New England and the Mid-Atlantic states were surveyed about their annual fishing costs for 2011. Surveys were sent to 1703 randomly selected vessel owners, who were stratified by vessel size and gear types. The sample consisted of about half of the fishing vessels that were actively fishing during year 2011. The survey was offered via mail and on the web. The number of actual survey recipients was 1457, out of which 437 responded with a response rate of 30%. However, only the responses from the commercial vessel owners were considered for further analysis. Click the link below to see a snap shot of the preliminary analysis.

>>> 2011 data summary snap shot - A preliminary Analysis

>>> 2011 Survey Instrument

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