Ecosystem-Based Management

The NEFSC Social Sciences Branch studies humans within ecosystems, especially their interactions with the marine components of the Northeast Shelf Ecosystem and the institutions they use to mediate these interactions. The Northeast Shelf Ecosystem spans four distinct ecosystems (Gulf of Maine, Georges Bank, Southern New England, and the Mid-Atlantic). Humans are deeply embedded within coastal and marine ecosystems. We interact with these systems on so many different levels, as fishermen, consumers, vacationers, scientists, managers, stewards. SSB efforts focus on how these groups respond to changes in fishery regulations.

The Social Sciences Branch collaborates with this group in an attempt to integrate social and economic considerations. The role of humans in marine ecosystems is explored in the context of anthropological and economic considerations. This area of research will continue to be a high priority in the Northeast as well as NMFS. For more information on ecosystem-based management see:
NOAA's Integrated Ecosystem Assessment Program

The Social Sciences Branch also collaborates on ecosystem-based management on an international level, with Branch members participating in the ICES Working Group on the Northwest Atlantic Regional Sea (WGNARS).
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