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Social scientists study people - their behavior, how they organize themselves, and their relationships to one another and to the natural world. In the context of fisheries, we seek a better understanding of the human values, actions, communities, and institutions related to marine ecosystems in the Northeast region. Our research provides data and tools that support NMFS and other agencies' regulatory and management decisions, as well as contributing scientific work and information to the broader research community and the public.

fisherman Our HD staff produces original research related to the human dimensions of fisheries in the NMFS Northeast Region of the United States (Maine through Virginia). They also provide assistance to the New England Fishery Management Council & the Mid-Atlantic Fishery Management Council on the social and cultural impacts of fisheries regulations. Staff are working to build a research infrastructure to improve our ability to understand the social landscape in the region and make better management decisions based on this information. Qualitative and quantitative methods such as surveys, case studies, oral history interviews and statistical analysis are used by staff in their research.

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