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NEFSC Study Fleet Reviews

An Overview of the Northeast Region's Groundfish Study Fleet Program

This presentation gives an overview of the Study Fleet Program, including goals, definitions, and summary data.

Study Fleet Program Overview

The Perkins Report

This report provides information on the background of the Study Fleet Project, highlighting results from meetings with management and industry representatives.

Perkins Report

The Perot Report

Perot Systems (an independent contractor) prepared a report on the first two phases of the Study Fleet Program. This report contains useful information on the steps that have led to the current phase of the program.

Perot Report

An Evaluation of the Northeast Region's Study Fleet Pilot Program and Electronic Logbook (ELB) System: Phases I & II

This report provides a comprehensive summary of Phases I and II of the Study Fleet Pilot Program, and serves as the final Northeast Fisheries Science Center (NEFSC) review of the Pilot Program.

NEFSC Review
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