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References and Manuals

Commercial Fishery Species Guide

A Photo Guide to Commercially Encountered Marine Fishes of the Northwest Atlantic - Second Edition

Study Fleet is a partner under the NOAA Fisheries Service Cooperative Research program that works with commercial fisherman to provide quality, fishery-dependent data. At the core of the project lies the fishermen’s responsibility to enter haul by haul catch information on as detailed a species level as possible. While fishermen are extremely familiar with species of commercial value, as well as those impacted by regulations, they may not be as familiar with some of the unregulated, or more cryptic discard species. In these situations, without the proper resources, identification and subsequent accurate recording can be troublesome. Although there are many fish guides available to fishermen, the nature of commercial fisheries (along with regulations requiring the immediate disposition of discard species) does not allow enough time to browse large reference documents in order to accurately match up live specimens to sketches. The Study Fleet received a request from participant commercial fisherman to produce a picture guide of selected species to facilitate faster, easier identification, and accurate recording. This guide is a result of that request.

Commercial Fishery Species Guide

FLDRS (v4.1.8) - Quick Reference Guides

The logbook module captures detailed effort data and is used by fishermen during commercial fishing trips. Below are quick reference guides designed for specific fisheries.

Vessel Electronic Reporting Web Portal - User Manual

The Vessel Electronic Reporting Web Portal is used by owners and captains to view, edit, and confirm trip data after it has been ran though a series of audits. This is also a place to view GPS data from a specific trip, as well as TD Probe information.

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