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NEFSC Study Fleet: Onboard Equipment

Flounders Logo FLDRS 4.1.7 // Electronic Reporting Software

Our reporting software is utilized across many fisheries to help fisher's meet their reporting requirments as well as helping fishery managers with timely data submissions. We are currently working on improving and expanding our electronic reporting software.

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Temperature & Depth Loggers //

Aquatec LoggerAquatec 530 Star Oddi LoggerStar Oddi Lowell Instruments LoggerLowell Instruments

Cooperative Research staff work with commercial fishing partners to help NEFSC Oceanographers expand their data collection efforts on bottom temperatures. By outfitting a fishing vessel with 1 of 3 different logger types, we're able to provide oceanographic data to models such as NERACOOS and MARACOOS. This temperature data is also utilized stock assessment process such as with squid (Ilex & Loligo) fisheries.

Example Temperature-Depth Data Plot

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Shipboard Weather Stations //

Current offshore weather data collection efforts consist of moored bouys geographically spaced to capture meteorological data. Since it's not cost effective to moor a large number of these fixed locations. By installing mobile weather stations on commercial fishing vessels allows for weather data collection efforts in locations where meteorlogical bouys do not exist. The data collected by these instruments are funneled to the National Weather Service to assist in tuning offshore weather models.

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Weather Station Graphic
Ammen Rock Footage
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