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Study Fleet: FLDRS Data Collection and Support

Study Fleet has the capability to collect various types of biological information as well as having multiple collection efforts going on at the same time.  Not only do our fishermen self report on catch data but we also have sea sampling technicians who are able to collect highly specific sets of data using our various resources.  

electronic Vessel Trip Reporting (eVTR)

This project is specifically focused on setting up Study Fleet vessels with electronic vessel trip reporting capabilities. The project will provide information and support to managers and industry members relative to electronic vessel trip reporting performance. A representative group of sectors (trawl vs. fixed gear from Gulf of Maine, Georges Bank, and Southern New England) is also being sought to assess the role and potential benefits of electronic reporing in sector monitoring. This project will assess the potential timeliness and data quality benefits of electronically submitted vessel trip reports.

Vessel Electronic Reporting Web Portal

The Vessel Electronic Reporting Web Portal is a secure web-based application designed with the objective of making the data that a vessel collects available to the captain and owner to view, edit, and confirm, after a series of automatic audits has been run. A more interactive component of the Vessel Electronic Reporting Web Portal consists of a vessel electronic reporting map. The map enables the captain/owner to view the TD and GPS data collected. One very valuable feature of the mapping component is the ability to display the retained and discarded species for each trip in convenient pie charts. Individual efforts may also be viewed with associated temperature and depth data collected from the TD probe during the deployment that the trip took place

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