Monkfish Research Survey
F/V Mary K....Leg 2
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F/V Mary K docked in Cape May, NJ Crew on Leg II
F/V Mary K beginning Leg II at the 
US Coast Guard Training Facility in Cape May, NJ
F/V Mary K scientifists and crew, Leg II of Goosefish Survey
Sunrise on the Mary K Downloading Information from Inclinometer
Sunrise over Hudson Canyon Rafael Boia and Kathy Sosebee downloading information from 
Inclinometer measuring bottom contact of the trawl
Mixed catch
Mixed catch of Monkfish, Dogfish, Crabs Blackfin Monkfish, Note Chevron
Kathy Sosebee with large Monkfish Sorting the catch
Scientist Kathy Sosebee with large Monkfish caught off Delaware Scientist Ursula Howson sorting the catch aboard the F/V Mary K
Blackfin Monkfish Blackfin and regular Monkfish
Blackfin Monkfish, Note eye color and olive skin Blackfin Monkfish (top) and regular Monkfish (bottom)
Blackfin Monkfish Measuring the catch
Blackfin Monkfish from Leg II of survey Measuring the catch during Leg II of survey
Dr. Steven Murawski, Chief Scientist, National Marine Fisheries Service Scientist Kathy Sosebee, National Marine Fisheries Service
90 cm Monkfish Torpedo Ray
Scientist Kathy Sosebee with 90 cm Monkfish Cindo Franco with 55 kg Torpedo Ray
Monkfish vertebrae Female Red Crab
Monkfish vertebrae used for aging studies Female Red Crab from Leg II of survey
Female Red Crab Gulper Shark
Female Red Crab Gulper Shark caught during Leg II of Monkfish Survey
Gulper Shark Gulper Shark
Gulper Shark, measuring board is 1.2 meters Gulper Shark
Mixed catch Mario Vasal from F/V Mary K
Mixed catch from Leg II of Goosefish Survey Mario Vassal - from the F/V Mary K
Steaming North Sunrise
Steaming North - F/V Mary K Sunrise off New Bedford Harbor
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