The most crucial element of all tagging programs is voluntary tag reporting by the fishermen who recapture tagged fish.  In many cases it is difficult to determine where a particular tag originated and which program is responsible for its release. The form below will allow the reporting of any tag, regardless of the release program.  Links to a few of the most common tagging programs are located at the bottom of the page.  If you have a tag to report, please fill in the form and submit your information.  We will forward your responses to the proper program, request that they contact you directly and inquire about any reward you may be eligible to receive (not all programs issue rewards for tag recaptures;  NOAA Fisheries is not responsible for rewarding recaptures outside of our own tagging programs).  Many programs will require tags to be returned, so be sure to retain all tags until you have spoken with the tagging program's contact.  Alternatively call toll-free: (877) 826-2612.


 Contact Information
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 Tag Description (if you wish to report multiple tags, fill out our form for the first tag and we will contact you regarding the others)
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 Recapture Details
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