The Behavioral Ecology Branch have established moorings with acoustic receivers at various locations throughout the Navesink River that will be used to measure the movements of tagged bluefish, weakfish and striped bass. The acoustic tags that will be surgically implanted in the fish operate like EZ-pass tags while the acoustic receivers operate as EZ-pass tag readers that continuously listen for tagged fish in the river.  The tagged fish will have external tags with tag number and a contact phone number. If you catch one we would like to know where and when you caught it, and if it was kept or re-released.  Please retain all tags until you have spoken with a program contact.  Alternatively call toll-free: (877) 826-2612.


 Contact Information
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 Tag Description (if you wish to report multiple tags, fill out our form for the first tag and we will contact you regarding the others)
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 Recapture Details
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