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Resource Evaluation and Assessment Division

Chief: Dr. Michael Simpkins

The Resource Evaluation and Assessment Division plans and conducts research aimed at: (1) developing information and providing scientific advice on the current status and future trends in abundance and productivity of living marine resources off the northeastern coast of the United States; (2) evaluating economic and sociocultural impacts of human interactions on fisheries, protected species, and marine habitats; (3) understanding the population/ecological dynamics of protected species in the Northwest Atlantic, and assessing/reducing anthropogenic impacts on these populations; and (4) conducting analyses and developing models to synthesize information on climate, oceanographic, and human-related pressures to evaluate their impacts on ecosystem structure and function.

The Division plays a primary role in determining the effects of management measures on the status of stocks, as well as in examining the impacts of management actions on the individuals, businesses, communities, and regions dependent on these stocks. These analyses are critical in designing and implementing management programs leading to increased net benefits to the nation and sound management and conservation of U.S. Atlantic marine resources.

The Division provides and disseminates integrated information and scientific advice to various state, regional, national, and international management authorities, to commercial, recreational, environmental organizations, and user groups, and to the lay public.

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