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lobsters American lobster, the rare blue lobster, blind lobster, common squat lobster, lobsterettes, and slipper lobsters. See more »


crabs The crabs in this gallery are too numerous to list, but include everything from our trusted beach friend the hermit crab to creatures with names like broadback sumo crab and mottled purse crab. See more »

Shrimp and Krill

shrimp and krill Another very full gallery of tasty arthropods, with names like deepwater humpback shrimp and Plesionika tenuipes. See more »

Other Arthropods

other arthropods An assortment of arthropods such as the giant mysid, amphipods, copepods, and a sea spider. See more »


cnidarians More commonly known as jellyfish, Cnidarians are invertebrates with a radially symmetrical body and saclike internal cavity. See more »


echinoderms Echinoderms include invertebrates with tube feet, five-part symmetrical bodies, and spiny skin, such as sea stars and urchins. See more »


mollusks Mollusks are invertebrates with soft, unsegmented body, mantle, and protective shell, like octopods, scallops, and squid. See more »