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Fish Species: Anadromous, Groundfish, Pelagic, and More

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Anadromous Fish

alewives Alewives, blueback herring, Atlantic salmon, American shad, rainbow smelt, sea lamprey, striped bass, Atlantic sturgeon, shortnosed sturgeon. See more »


flounder American plaice, Atlantic halibut, hogchoker, summer flounder, turbot, windowpane flounder, winter flounder, and yellowtail flounder. See more »


monkfish Atlantic cod, black sea bass, cusk, haddock, monkfish, pollock, ocean pout, red hake, redfish, scup, silver hake, sea raven, tilefish, white hake, and wolffish. See more »

Pelagic Fish

deepbody boar Bluefish, boarfish, dory, butterfish, herring, lancetfish, lumpfish, mackerel, moonfish, snowy grouper, swordfish, wahoo, and yellowfin tuna. See more »

Other Fish

red gaper Various fish encountered on research cruises that don't fit into other categories. See more »


spotted eagle ray Rays are flat, live-bearing pelagics with whip-like, stinging tails. See more »


shortfin mako shark Angel, basking, bigeye thresher, bignose, blacknose, blue shark, bonnethead, bull shark, chain dogfish, spiny dogfish, smooth dogfish, dusky shark, gulper, hammerhead, lantern shark, lemon shark, longfin mako, night shark, nurse shark, oceanic whitetip, porbeagle, reef shark, sand tiger, sandbar shark, sharpnose shark, shortfin mako, silky shark, spinner, thresher, tiger shark, and great white. See more »

Shark Teeth

bonnethead shark tooth A gallery of deadly weapons from a wide variety of sharks. See more »


little skate Skates are flat, egg-laying pelagics with thorny projections for protection. On this page you'll find the following species: little skate, rosette skate, smooth skate, barndoor skate, thorny skate, and winter skate. See more »