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NOAA Technical Memorandum NMFS-NE-170

Interaction of Shelf Water with Warm-Core Rings, Focusing on the Kinematics and Statistics of Shelf Water Entrained within Streamers

Ronald J. Schlitz
National Marine Fisheries Serv., 166 Water St., Woods Hole, MA 02543

Web version posted September 30, 2004

Citation: Schlitz RJ. 2003. Interaction of shelf water with warm-core rings, focusing on th kinetics and statistics of shelf water entrained within streamers. NOAA Tech Memo NMFS NE 170; 35 p.

Information Quality Act Compliance: In accordance with section 515 of Public Law 106-554, the Northeast Fisheries Science Center completed both technical and policy reviews for this report. These predissemination reviews are on file at the NEFSC Editorial Office.

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