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NEFSC Publications

Technical Memoranda NMFS (F/SPO, F/NEC, F/NER, F/NE Series)

TMs are listed in reverse chronological order, divided by series. TMs available online are linked here (indicated by boldface). To obtain a TM not available online, either order a copy from the National Technical Information Service (referencing NTIS accession number provided), or contact the Woods Hole Laboratory Library for guidance.

If you are a NEFSC employee interested in submitting a document for publication in the NOAA Tech Memo NMFS-F/NE series, you may download guidelines or email editor Jarita Davis (508 495-2228)

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TM F/NE-241: US Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico Marine Mammal Stock Assessments -- 2016, by Sean A Hayes, Elizabeth Josephson, Katherine Maze-Foley, and Patricia E. Rosel, editors. June 2017.

TM F/NE-240: An Overview of the Survey on the Socioeconomic Aspects of Commercial Fishing Vessel Owners in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic, by Matthew Cutler, Tammy Murphy, and Maria Vasta. June 2017.

TM F/NE-239: Northeast Regional Action Plan - NOAA Fisheries Climate Science Strategy, by Jonathan A. Hare, Diane L. Borggaard, Kevin D. Friedland, Jennifer Anderson, Peter Burns, Kevin Chu, Patricia M. Clay, Mathias J. Collins, Peter Cooper, Paula S. Fratantoni, Michael R. Johnson, John P. Manderson, Lisa Milke, Timothy J. Miller, Christopher D. Orphanides, and Vincent S. Saba. December 2016.

TM F/NE-238: US Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico Marine Mammal Stock Assessments -- 2015, by GT Waring, E Josephson, K Maze-Foley, and PE Rosel, Editors. June 2016.

TM F/NE-237: Testing the Performance of a Hydraulic Clam Dredge Modified, by Daniel R Hennen, Roger Mann, Nicole Charriere, and Victor A Nordahl. April 2016.
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