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Narragansett Laboratory Reference Document (1977-1988)

NLRD 77-10 The Argo Merchant oil spill and the fishery resources of Nantucket Shoals and Georges Bank: a summary of assessment activities and preliminary results. Anonymous. February 1977.
NLRD 78-04 Offshore Oil Spill Ecological Damage Assessment Plan, for Fisheries. Anonymous. February 1978.
NLRD 81-18 A panel review of the High-Speed Plankton Sorting and Identification System. Anonymous. May 1981.
NLRD 87-14 Berman MS, Green J.R. 1987. Changes in the zooplankton community structure across a water mass entrained by a warm core ring. Nat. Mar. Fish. Serv., Northeast Fish. Ctr., Narragansett Lab. Ref. Doc. No. 87-14. 19 pp.
NLRD 87-15 Utilizing multivariate analysis to reveal patterns in MARMAP survey data. By J Kane and J Prezioso. 1987.
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