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Baird, SF. 1872. Report on the condition of the sea fisheries of the south coast of New England

(published as first section of First Report of the Commissioner of Fish and Fisheries) - 20 MB - smaller sections linked below:

I. Report of the Commissioner

II. General Plan of Inquiries Prosecuted

III. Testimony in Regard to the Present Condition of the Fisheries, Taken in 1871

IV. Special Arguments in Regard to Regulating the Sea-Fisheries by Law

V. Reports of State Commissions in Regard to Regulating the Sea-Fisheries by Law

VI. Report of Conference of United States Commissioner with Commissioners of Rhode Island and Massachusetts

VII. Draught Law Proposed for the Consideration and Enactment by the Legislatures of Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Connecticut

VIII. Miscellaneous Correspondence and Communications on the Subject of the Sea-Fisheries

IX. European Authorities on the Subject of Regulating the Fisheries by Law

X. Notices in Regard to the Abundance of Fish on the New England Coast in Former Times

XI. Statistics of Fish and Fisheries on the South Shore of New England

XII. Supplementary Testimony and Information Relative to the Condition of the Fisheries of the South Side of New England, Taken in 1872

XIII. Pleadings before the Senate Committee on Fisheries, of the Rhode Island Legislature, at its January Session of 1872

XIV. Natural History of Some of the More Important Food-Fishes of the South Shore of New England

XV. Description of Apparatus Used in Capturing Fish on the Sea-Coast and Lakes of the United States

XVI. List of Patents Granted by the United States to the End of 1872, for Inventions Connected with the Capture, Utilization, or Cultivation of Fishes and Marine Invertebrates


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