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Sea Turtle Ecology and Population Dynamics Research at NEFSC

In-situ Observations

Since 2009, a group of collaborators have deployed > 150 satellite tags on loggerheads within the U.S. Mid-Atlantic Bight of the Northwest Atlantic Ocean. These tags collect and transmit location, temperature and depth information and have yielded 18,790 temperature-depth profiles during the highly stratified season (01 June -04 October) for the region. This includes 16,371 profiles exceeding the mixed-layer depth, and, of those, 11,591 full water column profiles reaching the ocean floor. The use of turtle-borne telemetry devices has the potential to improve oceanographic model outputs.

The following paper describes the oceanographic data associated with satellite tags placed on loggerhead sea turtles:
Loggerhead turtles are good ocean-observers in stratified mid-latitude regions.

Data from this paper are available here.

END_DATE = Time of the end of the dive in UTC

LAT / LON = Approximate positions for end of dive

N_TEMP = The number of (pressure,temperature) pairs

TEMP_DBAR = A comma-separated list of the pressure coordinates of the (pressure,temperature) profile (decibars)

TEMP_VALS = A comma-separated list of the temperature coordinates of the (pressure,temperature) profile (C)

A: turtle-borne telemetry device attached to Loggerhead; B: Loggerhead turtle being released with satellite tag

A) Attachment of Sea Mammal Research Unit Satellite Relay Data Logger (SRDL) used to collect movement and oceanographic data from the turtle. B) Loggerhead turtle being released with tag.

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