Seal Tracking Collaborations

Gray seal 'Miley Sealrus' was the 100th seal to be treated at the National Marine Life Center! A severely malnourished pup found in Scituate, MA on March 28, 2017, she was nursed back to health by the caring team at the NMLC, and released at Scusset Beach, Bourne on May 23.

She is equipped with a satellite tag, courtesy of the Atlantic Marine Conservation Society, and two flipper tags. One flipper tag is equipped with an acoustic tag that will hopefully transmit to the many receiver arrays in the area which have been put out by the Massachusetts Division of Marine Fisheries and the NEFSC to detect white sharks, striped bass, cod and salmon (see press release for more details).

Use the time slider bar on the map below to follow Miley's movements.

gray seal Miley Sealrus on beach at release Tagged and ready to return to the wild (photo: Kimberly Murray, NEFSC)

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