What to Do When You Arrive

You will need a valid form of identification to attend the meeting.

Your first stop will be at the main laboratory building, the beige brick building with an enclosed glass entryway and the last structure on the water side of the west end of Water Street.  NOAA signage is at the street. If you drive, turn into the parking lot just before coming to the building and temporarily park.

The front door is inside the glass entryway. The receptionist will open the door for you. If no one is at the desk, alert us by pressing the buzzer on the wall to the right of the entryway door. Once inside you will present a valid form of identification to register as a visitor, then get a parking pass if you intend to park in the NOAA Fisheries lot (free but space is limited). Registration is valid throughout your visit. Visitor IDs and parking passes must be returned to the main reception desk when you leave.

Parking is very limited at our lcoation and there are several meetings occuring during this week. Please consider car pooling or othere options for getting to and from Woods Hole.

The meeting will be in the Clark Conference Room at our Woods Hole Science Aquarium.