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NOAA Fisheries Science Program Reviews

NOAA Fisheries has developed a standardized peer review process to evaluate each aspect of its science enterprise across the nation. Reviews occur every year, at every science center, on a different aspect of the science program each year. In 2017, the focus is on NOAA Fisheries' economics and human dimensions science programs.

To conduct the reviews, we select experts in the topic area who are not associated with the science center being reviewed. Each science center dedicates several months to preparing background information and presentations for the week-long meeting. In addition to presentations, reviewers have time to discuss the state of the science with management and staff, to take public comments, and to prepare their individual review report and recommendations. The review panel summarizes their reports and recommendations. NOAA Fisheries will consider and respond to recommendations within approximately 60 days of receiving them. Reviews and NOAA responses are available on science center and NMFS headquarters websites.

NEFSC Economics and Human Dimensions Science Program Review (2017)

The objective for this review is to evaluate the human dimensions and economic science programs of the NEFSC. This work provides social and economic information essential to the management, protection and restoration of ocean and coastal ecosystems, and to ensuring sustainable benefits to the Nation. The data collected and analysis done by the program is widely used within the NOAA Fisheries and by fishery management bodies in the region. This review will assess the extent to which the current science program is focused on the priority information needed to support the NMFS mission, on assessing the quality and effectiveness of the program, and on recommendations for the future.

For more information on the NEFSC program reviews, please contact Andrew Lispky.


May 1-4, 2017, NEFSC Clark Conference Room, Woods Hole, MA


Invitation from Jon Hare, Science and Research Director
NOAA Fisheries
Northeast Fisheries Science Center

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