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Agenda, Documentation, and Presentations for Program Review of NEFSC Protected Species Science

Updated April 16, 2015

Audio for this meeting will be recorded

Documents and presentations will be added and linked as they become available or are updated. All presenters are NMFS/NEFSC staff unless otherwise noted. Presentations are linked to the presenter's name.

Date Time Topic and Related Documents
April 13
8:30 Arrival
Setting the Stage
8:45 Welcome William Karp
Richard Merrick
9:00 Mandates & Science Needs

NEFSC Organization and Budget

David Gouveia (NMFS/GAR)
Kim Damon-Randall (NMFS/GAR)

Mike Simpkins
John Kocik
10:00 Stock Assessment Overview

Core Document

Background Documents
Gordon Waring
10:30 Break
Cross-cutting Data Collection & Analysis Programs
11:00 Overview of AMAPPS Program and Distance Sampling

Debra Palka
12:30 PM Lunch
1:30 Fishery-Dependent Data and Bycatch Estimation

Background Documents
Debra Palka
3:00 Break
3:30 Passive Acoustics Program and Telemetry

Sofie Van Parijs
John Kocik
4:30 Public Comment Period
5:00 Review Panel Working Session (Closed)
April 14

8:30 AM Follow-up discussion on Day 1 Topics
9:30 Break
North Atlantic Right Whales
10:00 Right Whale Research
Aerial Survey/Analyses of Serious Injuries & Mortalities
Vessel-Based Right Whale Research
North Atlantic Right Whale Passive Acoustic Research

Right whale population assessments at NEFSC
Summary and Conclusions
Core Document

Background Documents
Peter Corkeron
Tim Cole
Lisa Conger
Sofie Van Parijs &
Melissa Soldevilla (NMFS SEFSC)

Richard Pace
Peter Corkeron
12:00 Lunch
1:00 PM Right Whale Research in Southeast U.S.

Lance Garrison NMFS SEFSC
2:00 Break
2:30 Seal Research

Gordon Waring
3:30 Public Comment
4:00 Review Panel Working Session (Closed)
April 15
8:30 AM Follow-up discussion on Day 2 Topics
9:30 Break
Atlantic Salmon
10:00 Salmon Listing, Conservation Science, and ESA Assessment

International Salmon Assessment and Science Successes

John Kocik
Tim Sheehan

12:00 Lunch
1:00 PM Partnerships in Salmon Ecosystem Science and Future Challenges

Tim Sheehan
John Kocik
Other Protected Fish
2:00 An Overview of Other Protected Fish and Science Challenges

John Kocik
3:00 Break
3:30 Synthesis
4:00 Public comment Period
4:30 Review Panel Working Session (Closed)
April 16
Review Panel Working Session (Closed)
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