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July 30, 2018
Contact: Teri Frady

Competition for 2019-2021 Atlantic Herring Research Opens

Deadline for Proposals 5 PM EDT September 20, 2018

Competition for Atlantic herring research support is now open under a program unique to Northeast fishery management--the Atlantic Herring Research Set-Aside Program. Projects selected through the competition are awarded fishing quota rather than dollars, and use the proceeds from selling or catching that quota to fund their work. This year’s priorities include portside sampling, reducing bycatch, stock structure, spawning dynamics, localized depletion, and fishery discards and discard mortality.

Read the official announcement for details on the program and how to apply »

Atlantic herring are an important commercial fish and a key part of the food web for a variety of species. This federal fishery is managed using a stock-wide annual catch limit that is further allocated to four separate management areas. The fishery is mainly conducted using single and paired mid-water trawls, bottom trawl, purse seines, and to a lesser extent, gillnet gear. Herring is used primarily in the U.S. as bait for the American lobster and tuna fisheries, but is also frozen whole and canned for human consumption. The Atlantic herring fishery is jointly managed by the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission in state waters, and NOAA Fisheries in conjunction with the New England Fishery Management Council in federal waters.

NOAA Fisheries and the New Fishery Management Council have managed the Atlantic Herring Research Set-Aside Program since 2008. Since then, 4 projects have been conducted under this program.

In addition to Atlantic herring, there are active RSA programs for Atlantic sea scallop and monkfish. The RSA programs support applied research that responds to priorities established by the fishery management councils, and are designed to inform resource management decisions and improve stock assessments.

For more information on the 2019-2021 Atlantic Herring RSA announcement and proposal requirements, contact Cheryl Corbett.