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June 21, 2018
Contact: Shelley Dawicki

Stewardship at the Woods Hole Science Aquarium

Part of the NOAA Fisheries mission is stewardship of the nation's living marine resources. At the Woods Hole Science Aquarium (WHSA), that means taking care of the fish and other live specimens on display and teaching visitors about the animals that live in local waters.

In the summer, collecting walks in local estuaries are offered to the public. WHSA aquarists and interns serve as naturalists on the walks, teaching about life in salt marshes, demonstrating how to collect animals, and identifying the catch. Sometimes we bring animals back to the aquarium to add to our collection. More often we observe the animals briefly and then release them.  

Staff also host and participate in special events each year on Earth Day, World Ocean Day, and Endangered Species Day. The Woods Hole Science Stroll in August provides an opportunity for visitors to the Woods Hole Laboratory and Woods Hole Science Aquarium to learn more about local species via hands-on activities and exhibits ranging from fish and shellfish to whales, sea turtles and seals.

Volunteers help us keep the Aquarium running, helping to prepare food each day for the animals, cleaning tanks, and performing other tasks.

Meet Two of Our Volunteers