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June 28, 2018
Contact: Shelley Dawicki

Research at the Woods Hole Science Aquarium

The Woods Hole Science Aquarium has a three-part mission: education, conservation, and research in support of NOAA Fisheries’ role in stewardship of the nation’s living marine resources. Woods Hole Laboratory founder Spencer Baird wanted the public to see the species researchers were studying, and that continues to this day.

On occasion the facility is also a working research aquarium as it was nearly 150 years ago. Researchers conduct experiments from time to time in basement facilities, where tanks and small aquaria are set-up for special needs. Recent research projects have focused on striped bass, and sex determination in black sea bass, most of which change sex as they mature.

NEFSC research projects sometimes need help to conduct growth experiments or to better understand the behavior of tagged fish and shellfish. A current experiment involves techniques for determining growth rings in the earbones of cusk, a member of the cod family. 

Research facilities are limited, but the staff pursue projects to improve aquarium care and procedures. One recent example focused on ways to increase survival of specimens intended for the aquarium collection taken during research cruises.

Collecting cold-water species for the Woods Hole Science Aquarium is a challenge. Learn more from Senior Aquarist Kristy Owen's 2017 trip on the R/V Gloria Michelle: Stayin' Alive.

She plans another collecting trip in the fall of 2018.

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