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September 6, 2006

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Fisherman Wins $250 Reward

Kerry Harrington, a commercial fisherman out of Ocean City, MD, is the winner of a $250 fish-tag drawing, NOAA Fisheries Service announced today. Harrington’s name was picked in the second of a series of quarterly drawings held in the Woods Hole Science Aquarium at NOAA’s Northeast Fisheries Science Center (NEFSC).

Michael, a fifth grade student from Walpole visiting the Woods Hole Science Aquarium, drew the winning tag from a bowl held by NEFSC fishery biologist Josh Moser.

Michael and his sister Katie were awarded NOAA caps for helping with the drawing.

The cash reward is part of an ongoing fish tagging program that provides information about the biology and movements of black sea bass and scup. From 2002 to 2005, fishermen and scientists worked together to tag black sea bass with orange tags and scup with lime green tags. Fishermen who call in to report catching the tagged fish can choose either an embroidered cap or entry into the quarterly $250 drawing.

The reward program was organized by NEFSC fishery biologists and the winning tag was drawn by an elementary school student who was visiting the aquarium with his family. Harrington's tag was drawn from a fish bowl containing approximately 250 tags.

The first drawing was held June 30, and the winner was James Dawson, a commercial fisherman out of Chincoteague, Virginia. The third drawing will be held in the aquarium in late November. Drawings will continue to be held quarterly until the NEFSC receives fewer than 100 new entries during a quarter. At that time, the program may be adjusted or discontinued.

Information about the reward program is available on the websites of the Cooperative Black Sea Bass Tagging Project ( and the Cooperative Scup Tagging Project (

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