Groundfish Reviews Received -- February 28, 2003 2003/02/28 Groundfish Reviews Received





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NMFS Northeast Fisheries Science Center

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Woods Hole, MA -- During February 3-8, 2003 peer reviewers were assembled to evaluate recent scientific analyses important to Northeast groundfish stock assessments and development of groundfish plan amendment 13. The review was conducted at the New England Center on the campus of the University of New Hampshire. Reviewers were provided by the Center for Independent Experts. The reviewer's reports have been forwarded to NOAA's Northeast Fisheries Science Center.

The NEFSC has consolidated NOAA Fisheries science, technical, and management information relevant to amendment 13 on one website. Link to it here. To receive automatic e-mail notifications when the site changes, scroll to the bottom of the site, and follow the instructions.

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