NMFS Files Groundfish Remedy with Federal Court -- March 4, 2002 2002/03/04 NMFS Files Groundfish Remedy with Federal Court

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Gloucester, Mass. -- On March 1 the National Marine Fisheries Service filed a three-part remedy in Washington, D.C. federal district court as required by a briefing schedule laid out by Judge Gladys Kessler. The filing describes how the agency can bring the groundfish management plan into compliance with overfishing, rebuilding, and bycatch requirements of federal law.

Under the present briefing schedule, the plaintiffs and various intervenors in the suit have until March 15 to reply to this filing, and the agency will have until March 22 to reply to those and other filings. The judge may accept this or other remedies, order a remedy of her own, and/or consider remedies that may be devised through a mediated settlement.

The government's March 1 filing and supporting declarations are available online: March 1 filing; Declaration of Patricia Kurkul; Declaration of Michael Sissenwine; Declaration of Steven Murawsi; (Murawski slides); Declaration of Thomas Hill.

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