Fisheries Laboratory Honors Jane Foster, Outstanding Volunteer (December 1, 2000) 2000/12/01 Fisheries Lab Honors Volunteer

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Wood Hole, MA Dr. John Boreman, deputy director of NOAA Fisheries' Northeast Fisheries Science Center, today announced that Jane Foster of Falmouth has been selected as the Woods Hole Laboratory's outstanding volunteer. Foster has worked in the Woods Hole Science Aquarium since 1996.

"Jane's unusual dedication led her co-workers to suggest creating an award for volunteers," says Boreman. "Jane is not only the first recipient, but the award will also be named for her. It will honor her passion for continuing education, and her belief that citizens can, and should, be engaged in the nation's work to understand the marine world," he says.

"Jane has spent many, many hours helping visitors and correspondents. She knows a lot about the local area, and about marine life, and is one of our favorite ambassadors," says Aquarium manager David Radosh. "With Jane out on the floor, people walk away knowing more about marine life than they did when they walked in the place," he says.

Foster has lived in Falmouth for a good portion of her 81 years. She has dedicated the latter part of her life to community service and began volunteering with the Aquarium in October 1996. She lived in Woods Hole from 1949 until 1970, while her husband, Donald, was employed at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution. The Fosters moved to Connecticut after that to pursue a private business. During that time, Foster volunteered in the archives collection of the library at Mystic Seaport. She retired to Falmouth in 1995.

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