Six Fisheries Science Center Employees Win NOAA Awards (October 24, 2000) 2000/10/24 Fisheries Employees Win NOAA awards

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Woods Hole, Mass. -- Six NOAA employees at the Northeast Fisheries Science Center (NEFSC) were awarded Department of Commerce bronze medals at a ceremony in College Park, Maryland October 19. The bronze medal is the highest honorary award granted by the NOAA administrator.

Five of the NEFSC medal winners work at NOAA's Woods Hole laboratory and live in the Falmouth area: Charles Byrne, Katherine Sosebee, Jason Link, Scott Steinback and Paul Rago. The sixth, Lawrence Buckley, works at an NEFSC laboratory in Narragansett, Rhode Island.

"We're pleased that NOAA leadership is recognizing the outstanding achievements of these hard-working professionals," John Boreman, the NEFSC deputy center director, said. "The projects for which they are being rewarded are keeping the Northeast Fisheries Science Center at the cutting edge of marine fisheries science."

Buckley is program director of the NOAA/University of Rhode Island Cooperative Marine Education and Research program. He received the bronze medal for creativity and innovation in using molecular techniques to make significant advances in understanding the influence of oceanographic conditions on the survival of early life stages of fish.

Byrne is the vessel operations coordinator for the Northeast Fisheries Science Center. He was honored for engineering achievement and leadership in developing a program to construct four modern fishery research vessels to meet NOAA Fisheries' urgent at-sea data requirements.

Sosebee, Link, Steinback and Rago were cited for their contributions to developing and implementing the Spiny Dogfish Management Plan. Sosebee, Link and Rago are fisheries research biologists in the Population Dynamics Branch at the Woods Hole laboratory. Steinback is an economist in the Social Sciences Branch.

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