Cod Overage Nets Fine (June 29, 2000) 2000/06/29 Cod Overage Nets Fine

Man Fined for

Exceeding Trip Limit

in November, 1999

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Gloucester MA– A Massachusetts man will pay a fine and forfeit earnings from fish seized and sold during an investigation into allegations that he exceeded the allowable limits for cod landings.

David Tuma, master of the fishing vessel Kimberly, landed 955 pounds of Atlantic cod, 455 pounds over the allowable limit for his trip, in November of 1999. Tuma has admitted to the violation and will pay a fine of $3,000.

The trip limits are part of a federal fishing rules intended to rebuild depleted stocks of groundfish and allow sustainable harvest. At the time of the violation, the cod trip limit was 100 pounds per day-at-sea and 500 pounds per trip. The overage was seized by NOAA Fisheries special agents conducting the investigation. Proceeds of the sale were held in an escrow account pending settlement of the case. As part of the settlement, these funds will be retained by the government and used to defray costs of enforcing federal fishing rules.

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