March 13, 2000 -- Summary of Groundfish Disaster Relief Plan, Round II

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Groundfish Disaster Relief Program
Round II Summary


Multispecies permit holders were eligible to participate in round II if:

  • They fished for groundfish in statistical areas 511, 512, 513, or 514 in 1998 or 1997 during the months when there were closures in those areas in 1999, and
  • If they landed at least 10,000 pounds of groundfish between March 1, 1997 and June 30, 1998, and
  • If they did not make more than $75,000 in 1999 in net income from fishing (or $150,000 if filing jointly), and
  • If their permit was not sanctioned.

352 permit holders meet the requirements for Round II
  • 127 of those 354 participated in Round I
  • Thus, 225 permit holders are eligible for Round II who were not eligible for Round I

  • Round I permit holders identified approximately 70 crew members
  • Round II permit holders may designate up to three crew members each (maximum possible total: 675)

The primary reasons people qualified in Round II but not in Round I:

  • Less precise fishing location information required: Round I eligibility required vessel trip reports (logbooks) and days-at-sea call-in records to confirm 1998 or 1997 fishing in 1999 Closure Areas. Round II requires these records to confirm 1998 or 1997 fishing in Statistical Areas that included 1999 Closure Areas. Statistical Areas include some of the Closure Areas' waters, but may also contain waters that remained open.

  • Landings threshold lowered: Round I required 10,000 pounds of groundfish landings between May 1 1997- April 30 1998 (12 months); Round 2 requires 10,000 pounds of groundfish landings between March 1 1997 and June 30 1998 (16 months).

Round II Compensation

Permit holders eligible for Round II who received no compensation in Round I:

  • $3000 upon completion and submission of socio-economic survey
  • $1500 per day for committing up to three days of vessel time for research use
  • Maximum payment: $7500 per permit holder

Permit holders eligible for Round II who participated in Round I:

  • $1500 and one research DAS credit upon completion and submission of socio-economic survey; and, if this payment plus Round I compensation is less than $7500:
  • May commit additional days at sea to receive the maximum allowed in Round II.

Crew members identified in either Round I or Round II

  • Funds remaining after payments to eligible permit holders will be divided by the number of eligible crew members. Each crew member will receive the same amount; at least $100, but no more than $1500. Actual amounts will depend on the number of crew members eligible and the funds remaining after permit holders are compensated.

Estimated Distribution of Round II Funds:

  • About $1.6 million to permit holders, balance to identified crew members
    Newly Eligible Permitholders: 225
    Maximum cost: $1,687,500
    Expected cost: $1,400,000

  • Permit holders eligible in Round I, and eligible for additional compensation in Round II: 127

    Maximum Cost: $210,500
    Expected Cost: $200,000

  • Crew members, both programs (Up to 750 persons)

    $100 to $1500 each, depending on number eligible and funds remaining after compensation of permit holders.

  • Number of eligible permit holders by state:
    Massachusetts: 112 permit holders
    Maine: 84 permit holders
    New Hampshire: 23 permit holders
    Other States: 6 permit holders

Round I Compensation:

Approximately $2.5 million were paid to 127 vessel owners and identified crew members

    Highest single compensation: $69,750
    Lowest single payment: $2,250
    Average payment: $20,000
    Crew eligible: 70

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