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Operations, Management, and Information Division

Chief: Garth Smelser

The Operations, Management, and Information Division (OMI) serves as the focal point for the Northeast Fisheries Science Center's budget functions, labor relations, strategic planning, grants and acquisition, facility management, environmental compliance and safety, personal property, fleet vehicle management, and administrative processes. OMI is responsible for the Center and Region public affairs, constituent affairs, media relations, technical editing and publishing, research libraries, and library services. Oversight of the Woods Hole Science Aquarium, a research and public display aquarium, also lies within this Division.

Chief: Kelly Taranto

The Budget and Finance Branch is responsible for the Center’s budget and finance, procurement, and grants activities.

Chief: Jack Emberg

The Facility Operation and Safety Branch is responsible for all facilties, safety, security, and environmental compliance issues.

Chief: Teri Frady

The Research Communications Branch provides NEFSC and Greater Atlantic Regional Fisheries Office (GARFO) leadership with comprehensive public affairs support and maintains the interface with NOAA Public Affairs; provides GARFO and NEFSC staff with editorial, scholarly publication, and library support; assists the NEFSC's Academic Programs Office with planning and logistics for student programs; and promotes the NEFSC's ocean literacy effort for the general public through operations of the Woods Hole Science Aquarium.

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