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Activity sheets

Aquarium staff and interns have written a few activity sheets that can be answered by carefully viewing our animals and exhibits. Be aware, though, that the aquarium collection is constantly changing as animals grow old and new animals arrive. The collection will be at least a little different every time you visit. We try to focus our activity sheets on animals that are almost always in the aquarium, but occasionally a question might not be answerable on the day you visit.

To view the answer sheets, send us an e-mail to get the password or ask the staff when you visit.

NOAA Information

NOAA posts thousands of pages of information on marine animals, environments, science, and resource management issues. You can search the NOAA site here. Some of the more popular NOAA sites are:

Fishery Science in the Northeast

Sea Turtles

Sharks in the Northeast

Whales, turtles, seals and porpoises in the Northeast

Right whales

Marine Mammals

Endangered Species

Commercial Fishing in the Northeast / Sustainable Fisheries

Science and Education Institutions in Woods Hole

Woods Hole, a little village on the tip of Cape Cod, is a world-famous center for studies of:

  • fish stocks
  • marine mammals
  • endangered species
  • marine and terrestrial environments
  • climate change
  • the ocean’s biology, geology, chemistry and physics
  • biomedical questions of reproduction, embryology, evolution, the function of healthy cells and organs, and the major diseases that afflict humans

Other Major Woods Hole Institutions

NOAA Fisheries (established in Woods Hole in 1871)

Marine Biological Laboratory (1888)

Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (1930)

US Geological Survey Science Center in Woods Hole (1962)

Sea Education Association (1975)

Woods Hole Research Center (1985)


did you know
Toadfish make grunting sounds during mating season like toads.
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