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Woods Hole Science Aquarium High School Interns

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intern eye view

2011 summer high school intern Gabe Keefe describes his experience.

did you know

By traveling north on the Gulf Stream, many tropical fish can be found on Cape Cod during the summer.

See photos of our high school interns and how they help us.

Our summer program for high school students gives young people a chance to learn about marine animals and environments, aquarium operations, and careers in marine science and related fields.

Learning about fish anatomy

No Intern Program in 2019

We are revamping our student programs during 2019 and will not offer a summer intern program this year.

What our interns do

Summer interns spend anywhere from two to five weeks in the aquarium, working approximately 30 hours per week with the professional staff to care for our collection of marine animals from New England waters. Interns are trained to serve as assistant naturalists on public shoreside collecting walks. Summer interns also participate in the Careers in Marine Science Seminar, a series of meetings with scientists, hands-on activities, tours of laboratories, and field trips to other aquariums.


Who our interns are

The WHSA values diversity. We accept interns from various academic backgrounds, from different parts of the country, from rural, urban and suburban communities. We especially encourage applications from students under-represented in marine sciences – this includes African American, Cape Verdean, Hispanic, and Native American students. Interns must have finished the 10th grade and be at least 16 years old on the first day of their program.

How many?

Our program is limited by space: we are able to host 5-10 high school interns plus several college interns. You can see previous intern classes and learn a bit about their experiences by viewing the class posters.

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