State of the Ecosystem: An open approach to reporting on ecosystem status and trends within the Northeast Large Marine Ecosystem


Sean Hardison (Integrated Statistics/ Ecosystem Dynamics and Assessment Branch)


Reporting on the status and trends of marine ecosystems plays an important role in providing contextual ecosystem information to fisheries managers working at the species or stock level. However, busy fisheries managers may be less inclined to absorb and incorporate ecosystem information into decision making if links to management objectives are not made clear. In the Northeast US, we have addressed these challenges through the development of State of the Ecosystem (SOE) reports. These documents are relatively short, and are focused on providing concise descriptions of ecosystem processes in relation to established management objectives. In this seminar, I will describe the role of State of the Ecosystem reporting in the Northeast US, present highlights from this year's document, and outline the open-source software methods that we have relied upon to make SOE reporting efficient but rigorous.