Recent Developments with the National Bycatch Report and Bycatch Reduction Engineering Program


Lee Benaka, National Observer Program, NOAA Fisheries Office of Science and Technology, Silver Spring, MD


This presentation will provide an overview of the first update to the National Bycatch Report (NBR).  This first update to the NBR contains several enhancements to the first edition of the NBR, which was published in 2011.  Besides describing these enhancements, the presentation also will describe differences between the biennial updates (the first of which will be completed in late 2013) and the NBR comprehensive reports (the next of which will be issued in 2017).  This presentation also will describe recent developments related to the Bycatch Reduction Engineering Program (BREP), which was established through Section 316 of the Magnuson-Stevens Act.  In 2012, Congress (through the appropriations process) transformed the BREP from an internal NMFS research program to an external, non-Federal grant program.  This presentation will describe BREP funding history and the FY13 BREP grant program, including a very general description of FY13 awards decisions.