Summer Flounder Working Group


SAW Working Group Chair: Jessica Coakley

Lead Assessment Scientist: Mark Terceiro

Members: Jeff Brust, Chris Legault, Jason McNamee, Tim Miller, Charles Perretti, Pat Sullivan, Tiffany Vidal

Meeting Schedule

Model comparison workshop: January 30, 2018 (1pm start) - February 1, 2018 (1pm end)

Location: Clark Conference Room, NEFSC, Woods Hole, MA

Logistics: If you plan to attend, please check in at the front desk for visitor sign-in. You will need to provide a photo ID.

Webinar/audio access

866-836-6169 (toll free)
203-566-4221 (toll; for international callers)
Participant Code: 5443237
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The model comparison workshop will examine multiple modeling approaches under consideration for use in the 2018 SAW/SARC stock assessment. The workshop purpose is to compare models and not to generate information for use in quota setting; therefore, the most recent input data will not be used.

Tentative timeline for SAW Work:

SAW data meeting Late August/September 2018
SAW model meeting September 2018
SAW final model, BRP, projection meeting October 2018
All documentation to the SAW/SARC panel review November 2018
SAW/SARC meeting (peer review) Late November 2018
Peer reviewed assessment available for management January/February 2019
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