Table 3.  Annual data needed on commercial harvesters
Identification and ownership
  • Vessel identification (name, Coast Guard number, or state registration number)
  • Owner(s) (name, address, telephone, social security number)
  • Ownership type (sole proprietor, partnership, owner-operator, etc.)
  • Corporation name (if incorporated)
  • Names and numbers of other vessels in organization (if partnership)
  • Permits held
  • Port of registry

Description of vessel and equipment

  • Type of vessel (principal gear)
  • Length
  • Gross tons
  • Net tons
  • Hull construction material
  • Hold capacity
  • Engine(s) descriptors (brand, age, horsepower, fuel type)
  • Harvest gear (number and description)
  • Deck gear (number and description)
  • Wheelhouse electronics (number and description)
  • Gear-mounted electronics (number and description)
  • On-board processing/refrigeration (equipment list, descriptions, capacities)
  • Year built
  • Purchase year and price
  • Estimated market value fully equipped
  • Market value of permits owned

Onshore facilities

  • Facilities (list, descriptors, capacities)
  • Equipment (list, descriptors, capacities)
  • Estimated market value of onshore investment
  • Names and numbers of other vessels within organization that also use same onshore facilities

Fixed costs

  • Annual insurance costs (hull, health, protection and indemnity, mortgage, etc.)
  • Annual haulout/overhaul
  • Dockage
  • Professional fees (accounting, legal, bookkeeping, tax filing, etc.)
  • Loan payments (principal and interest)
  • Vessel depreciation
  • All other gear depreciation (fishing gear, electronics, etc.)
  • New gear acquired list, cost (for replacement or addition)
  • Repairs
  • Maintenance
  • Crew salary (for those crew not paid on a trip basis)
  • Crew benefits (all crew)
  • Taxes (income, property, etc.)
  • Vessel improvement cost
  • Value of catch in storage
  • Vessel permit fees
  • Auto/trailer
  • Office
  • Association(s) fees
  • Onshore permits/export/import/license/etc. fees
  • Cold storage rental
  • Onshore (non-owned) processing/holding costs, leases
  • Advertising
  • Lease or mortgage of onshore facilities
  • Onshore employee salaries and benefits

Firm financial status

  • Current assets (list and value)
  • Long-term assets (list and estimated market value)
  • Current liabilities (list and amount)
  • Long-term liabilities (list and amount)
  • Monthly income all sources
  • Monthly cash outflow all destinations


  • Total other annual revenue from use of vessel (e.g., recreational fishing trips, sightseeing, whale watching, fireworks, transport of goods and people, SCUBA)
  • Vessel-owner-owned onshore business revenue
  • Amount and value of quota bought or sold

Dependent industries

  • Firm identifiers (name, address, telephone number, owner, other)
  • Product list (quantities and prices by product type)
  • Net income derived from commercial harvesters
  • Number of employees per firm

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